Symes Accountants

27 Twelfth Street, Gawler SA 5118
Phone 08 8522 2633

Case Study – Symes Accountants

Caznet worked with Star ICT and Symes Accountants in Gawler to provide a direct and dedicated high speed fibre connection, business internet, a new VoIP business phone system and migrated the client to Caznet Private Cloud resulting in better performance, lower telephony costs and a total IT refresh with no onsite infrastructure.

About Symes Accountants

Symes Accountants is a Gawler based Accountancy and Consultancy firm who strives to contribute to the quality of life of small business owners and individuals by providing them with advice and solutions so that they can develop their full potential and obtain their financial and personal goals.

The Challenge

Symes Accountants was operating an on-premises server cluster with storage, multiple terminal servers, an Exchange server and a low speed, unreliable wireless internet connection. As the business grew and the team began to rely more heavily on cloud-based software products the need for a higher speed and reliable internet connection was apparent. The on-site servers, approaching their end of life, were no longer able to provide the storage capacity and performance required for the business’s workload and a refresh of the IT environment was needed.

Caznet was approached by Symes Accountant’s Managed Service Provider, Star ICT, to provide an option for a Private Cloud based server environment to replace the aging infrastructure.

The Solution

Caznet provided a dedicated, fibre optic, managed Wide Area Network connection from the Symes Accountants office in Gawler to our Private Cloud service. High speed, business grade internet was provided to the Symes team over the connection.

A new Private Cloud server environment was established for Symes Accountants and Caznet worked with Star ICT to migrate all files, databases and applications from the on-premises servers with no down time to the business.

Finally, a VoIP based hosted PBX telephony service was deployed across the business.

The Outcome

Caznet Business Internet access supported higher speed, more reliable access to cloud hosted applications including MYOB, Xero and the Australian Taxation Office portals. Symes was able to leverage this new service to migrate their Microsoft Exchange server to Office 365 and take advantage of newer applications available in the market including OneDrive and SharePoint online.

The aging on-premises server environment no longer needs replacing and has been decommissioned. New, higher performance terminal servers provide Symes with a consistent and reliable operating environment which is in a secure data centre reducing upfront capital investment and ongoing management, maintenance and operating costs.

The combined solution of managed Wide Area Network, Business Internet, Private Cloud and VoIP provided a more secure, stable and flexible IT environment and reduced the businesses overall costs.