Our Network

We’re constantly investing in, growing and strengthening our infrastructure so that we can deliver the best service, all the time.

Our network is at the centre of everything we do which is why we’re constantly investing in, growing and strengthening our infrastructure so that we can deliver the best service, all the time.

We’ve designed and built it from the ground up as a scalable, reliable and high-performance IP network to provide huge capacity and robust connectivity that can support our services and meet our customers’ demands without compromise.

We pay close attention to what our network is doing and work closely with our transit providers, peers and customers to ensure it’s never congested and always has plenty of spare capacity so it can perform to the standard our customers have come to expect.

We’re on-net in some of Adelaide’s best and most strategic data centres and have connected to carriers, internet exchanges and content providers across Australia:

Data Centres:

  • Your DC – Edinburgh Park (SA)
  • Your DC – Hawthorn (SA)
  • Colocity – DC1 (Pulteney St, Adelaide)
  • Colocity – DC3 (Morphett St, Adelaide)
  • DCI Data Centres Sungard (Kidman Park, SA)
  • TPG / Adam Data Centre (Mile End, SA)


  • IX Australia SA
  • IX Australia NSW
  • Edge IX
  • MegaPort
  • MegaIX Sydney
  • MegaIX Perth
  • SABRENet


  • AAPT
  • TPG
  • Over the Wire
  • Telstra
  • Optus

Key features

  • Well peered with major content and service providers
  • Fully redundant borders with connections to multiple transit providers
  • Our Adelaide Data Centres are connected by diverse dark fibre paths
  • Never Congested
  • DDoS Protection Built In
  • Flexible and adaptable MPLS core with QoS
  • High capacity, low latency, low packet loss

Well peered to deliver excellent connectivity

Peering brings the internet and its content closer to our customers. We’re constantly establishing new peering arrangements with Internet Exchanges and content providers across Australia including the biggest – IX Australia by IAA and MegaIX by MegaPort.

Our network has direct peering arrangements with some of the biggest networks and content providers across the globe including Microsoft, Google, Facebook, YouTube, Amazon, HE, Akamai, CloudFlare and many more.

IPv6 ready

IPv6 is the new internet protocol and will replace IPv4. It represents a new way of addressing devices and networks on the internet allowing global communications on a post IPv4 exhaustion internet.

We operate a full dual-stack IPv4 and IPv6 network with equal transit and peering capacity on both. IPv6 isn’t a second-class citizen on our network and we actively promote the uptake of the future internet protocol by all our customers.


Megaport is a Software Defined Network offering on-demand scalable bandwidth for public and private cloud connections, metro ethernet and Data Centre backhaul as well as access to Internet Exchanges in major cities across the globe. The Megaport backbone is present in over 520 data centres throughout Australia, the United State and Europe enabling customers to extend their network footprint, connect directly to cloud providers and access Internet Exchanges wherever they need them.

Our network is connected to Megaport in three of our data centre locations allowing customers with their own port to privately and reliably connect to us and our services from anywhere in the world.

We also offer “Shared Megaports” so that our customers can take advantage of the connectivity services available on the network without the need to acquire their own port.

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