Private Cloud

Adelaide based Private Cloud backed by enterprise grade infrastructure,
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Highly available, scalable, always on virtual infrastructure

Private Cloud can be a single Virtual Private Server, some Cloud Storage, a Hybrid Cloud which extends your own on-premises infrastructure through to a full cloud based corporate network. A well-designed private cloud infrastructure frees you of the hassles of owning and maintaining your own servers while protecting you against disaster and enabling you to adapt to changing requirements and technologies.

Our Adelaide Private Cloud services have been built from the ground up to provide highly available, scalable, always on virtual infrastructure that you can rely on to deliver the performance and up time demanded by today’s IT driven world.

Migrating your infrastructure to private cloud is a complex task

Migrating your infrastructure to private cloud is a complex task. You’ll need to consider if you require only private infrastructure as a service, whether you’ll also have some public cloud services in the mix, which services are most suitable for your needs and how to architect your solution for the best possible performance, reliability and return on investment.

Our team have successfully migrated small single server workloads and entire corporate and education networks from on-premises to our Adelaide based Infrastructure as a Service cloud. Whether you’re looking to start from scratch, lift-and-shift your existing infrastructure or a mix of both, our team of Cloud Engineers will work with you to design the appropriate solution before planning and implementing the migration with you – you’re never on your own!

Need something different?

Unlike other Infrastructure as a Service providers and public clouds, our services are engineered to suit your needs. We don’t believe in a one size fits all cloud. If you need a custom networking implementation or an operating system that isn’t typically supported our team will work with you to build it, test it and implement it. Our goal is to deliver a private cloud which suits your business requirements.


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Virtual Private Networks

Your own private, isolated Virtual Private Network for your Private Cloud hosted servers, internet, VoIP and connectivity to your office.

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Application Hosting

Customised Adelaide based hosting environments from small scale web apps to very large Windows and Web Based applications.

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Hosted Servers

Virtual Private Servers hosted on Hyper-V or KVM in our Private Cloud. Full support for Microsoft Windows, RedHat, CentOS, FortiGate, 3CX and many more.

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Web Hosting

Fast and Adelaide based Website Hosting on Microsoft Windows or Linux supporting ASP.NET, PHP, WordPress, mySQL and many more.

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Hosted Desktops

Secure, managed and highly available user work desktop environments hosted in our Adelaide Private Cloud accessible anywhere, any time.

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Offsite Backup

Secure and scalable object storage in Adelaide for offsite backup compatible with most software products and appliances.

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Fast, scalable, enterprise grade storage delivered to your Virtual Private Servers or as an iSCSI target for use on-premises or in the data centre.

Key Benefits

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Built from the ground up with security in mind from the edge of the network, to the storage and hypervisors right down to secure Adelaide Data Centre facilities. We think security first.

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Data Sovereignty

Everything we do is Adelaide based. Your data and resources are all located in Adelaide based Data Centres and subject to South Australian laws keeping you compliant with your data sovereignty requirements.

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Every part of our Private Cloud infrastructure is protected against failures including the hosts, network, storage and Data Centre facilities.

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Full Control

Create, manage, delete and control your resources on demand using our control panel and HTTPS REST API.

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Not only are our people experts in the technologies used to build our Adelaide Private Cloud, but we’re fully versed in all types of network requirements. We can help you design, build and run everything from web servers, to clustered application hosting environments through to a full corporate network on Microsoft Windows or Linux.

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Your Data

Your data is your data. We’ll never access it and you’re entitled to ask for a copy any time – no exceptions. It’s built into our service agreement. Data access is highly restricted, controlled and audited.

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PAYG or Resource Reservations

Pay for CPU, RAM, Storage and Network only when you use them or reserve a fixed amount of capacity and receive significant discounts. Our transparent pricing structures eliminate the risk of Public Cloud bill shock.

Term & Volume discounts of up to 30% and more are available.

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Wholesale Infrastructure as a Service and Private Cloud

Are you a Managed Service Provider or ITSP looking to provide private cloud and hosting services to your clients? We offer fully white labelled Private Cloud and IaaS services at significantly discounted wholesale rates to enable you to provide services to your clients without the investment in hardware and ongoing costs of management. We can provide Infrastructure as a Service, engineering design and support services, end-to-end assistance with migrations from on-prem or your existing hosting environments and a range of connectivity options to support your clients.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements with our wholesale support team!