Offsite Backup

Automated, Managed Backup of Your Critical Data and Servers is Your Best Protection Against Fire, Flood and Theft

Disaster recovery and protection for your critical files, databases and virtual servers by automatically sending them to secure offsite storage.

Protection For Your Businesses Digital Assets

Backup is the single most important aspect of your IT Security and Disaster Recovery strategy. A well designed strategy needs to include Offsite Backup of your critical files, databases and virtual servers that not only run automatically, but ones that are regularly monitored and tested.

Our automated, secure, offsite backup and disaster recovery services ensure that your data will always be protected and recoverable.

We can provide a custom designed backup strategy protecting your File Servers, Applications, Databases and Virtual Servers which includes daily monitoring, regular recovery (fire drill) tests and periodic reviews.

Our backup services support data encryption enabling you to send us only encrypted data accessible only by you.


Rest assured that your data never leaves Adelaide. South Australian Laws and Jurisdiction keep you protected.


We’ll never access your data, and you’re entitled to ask for a copy any time – no exceptions. It’s in our service agreement.

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