Wide Area Networks

Multiple Sites, One Network


Seamlessly connect your offices and remote staff over one high-speed secure private network

If you’re running a business with more than one office or you have remote workers, you know the importance of keeping everything connected. Reliable links between your head office, satellite offices, warehouses, data centre, private cloud and remote workers is key to keeping your business online, agile and running smoothly. A managed Wide Area Network brings these people and places together on a single, secure, reliable network that provides consistent performance and simplifies business.

Our Wide Area Network’s (or IP WAN) are built on our MPLS network with Quality of Service (QoS) built in. They provide a fully managed, monitored and secured Layer 3 network between all your sites and remote workers with bandwidths from 25 Mbps to 10 Gbps. Unlike VPN’s, your data never touches the internet reducing the risk of bringing these sites and people together in a secure way. Dedicated access, redundant connectivity and real time monitoring ensures we can deliver a consistent and reliable network which supports your business needs and is always there when you need it.

Key Benefits

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One Network

All of your business locations and remote workers connected to one network and able to work together seamlessly

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Reliable Performance

Dedicated bandwidth and QoS means a private network which delivers consistently no matter what.

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No VPNs. Your data never touches the internet. A real private network between sites.

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Centralised Systems

One set of servers, internet connection and phone system for your entire business shared amongst all your sites reducing costs and enabling your business.

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Fully Managed

We’ll design it, build it and manage it so you don’t have to.

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Dedicated Support

24x7x365 support from dedicated network engineers to keep your business running.