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Case Study – Accolade Wines

Accolade Wines enlisted Caznet and our enterprise network to improve connectivity, reliability and performance across multiple cloud hosting providers including Amazon AWS, Oracle and Resilient AP in Australia and London. The Accolade Wines business now relies on connectivity services provided by Caznet for the day-to-day operation of their ERP and AS400 systems across the globe.

Solution Overview

  • Fully redundant geographically diverse connectivity to the Caznet network
  • Megaport connectivity to Amazon AWS in Sydney and Oracle Cloud in London
  • Managed MPLS IP VPN WAN from the data centre to Resilient APs two cloud locations
  • Enterprise Internet
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About Accolade Wines

Since the founding of their first winery in 1836, Accolade Wines has grown to become a leading global wine company producing some of the worlds best known and loved brands. Headquartered in South Australia, the business has a presence in all the major New World wine making regions including Australia, New Zealand, the UK, Ireland, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the Americas.

The Challenge

In an enterprise-wide shift to cloud computing Accolade Wines has adopted cloud resources from Amazon AWS, Oracle Cloud and local providers of hosted AS400 systems. Demands on the performance and reliability of the connectivity to these systems quickly outgrew the existing IPsec point-to-point VPNs which were subject to outages, changes in latency and unpredictable throughput that were beyond their control.

To ensure business continuity and security Accolade Wines needed to seek a solution to network design that could provide controlled, consistent and reliable connectivity to their cloud services.

Megaport was an obvious candidate to bring reliable connectivity from the AWS and Oracle public clouds into the corporate network. However, the network did not have a presence in the data centre used for Accolade’s infrastructure. The business also needed to establish links into a local provider of AS400 hosting services in two South Australian based data centres which could not be reached over Megaport.

The Solution

Caznet worked with the Accolade Wines team to implement fully redundant fibre connectivity from their data centre infrastructure to the Caznet network. Geographically diverse fibre paths to separate Caznet data centres were selected to ensure maximum uptime and resiliency.

Using our existing Megaport Ports provisioned throughout our suite of data centre locations we were able to establish multiple redundant VXC connections to Accolade’s cloud resources on Amazon AWS Direct Connect and Oracle FastConnect.

Accolade’s AS400 support and hosting company was able to order cross connects to the Caznet network in each of their data centre locations. The hosted equipment was then connected to Accolades corporate network.

Accolade Network Infographic

The Outcome

The Caznet network has enabled Accolade Wines to connect to resources outside of their primary data centre location in a reliable and secure way.

With access to the Megaport software defined cloud network Accolade has been able to establish reliable, secure and consistent connectivity to their public cloud resources in Amazon AWS and Oracle Cloud. These critical links, now backed by the Megaport performance and uptime SLA, are no longer subject to the latency and performance fluctuations that are typical of IPsec VPNs run over the internet.

With the view to reduce the reliance on their own data centre and equipment, the business has been able to further secure the reliability of their AS400 systems until their eventual retirement by taking advantage of support and data centre hosting options.

Sandip Samanta

Working with Caznet has been a pleasure. They are very prompt and provide very high-level quality service at a very reasonable price. They built our cloud network links to Amazon and Oracle in a very short time and met all the promised deliverables within the agreed timeline. I would strongly recommend Caznet to anyone.

Sandip Samanta, Global Infrastructure Operations Leader, Accolade Wines

Future Plans

Accolade Wines are investigating options to further reduce reliance on Adelaide based data centre infrastructure and MPLS for their global network into the future. As more of their systems move to public cloud, a range of new networking options become available including SD-WAN and the Megaport Cloud Router.