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Time to upgrade your Business Phone System?

Our Cloud Hosted PBX replacement and Voice over IP (VoIP) service is a powerful and cost-effective alternative to PSTN and ISDN services for Adelaide Businesses looking to modernise their communications and reduce costs.

Our Business Phone System product is built on a dedicated and private software-based PBX for each customer providing a broad range of robust and fully customisable features that works with all standard IP phones and SIP trunks without the need for an “old school” clunky PBX on the wall.

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More features, better usability and lower costs

As NBN rolls out across Adelaide, businesses can take advantage of PSTN and ISDN phone services being shut down to upgrade to a modern, NBN Ready Cloud Hosted VoIP based platform which provides more features, better usability and lower costs. The transition from a traditional PBX Phone System to VoIP isn’t always straight forward or easy to understand but our years of experience deploying Phone Systems for Adelaide Businesses will take the headache away so you can get on with running your business.

We’re confident that we can reduce your phone bill by up to 80% and make your business phone system… better! If you’re not sure, we’re more than happy to review your current bills and show you what a Caznet Cloud Hosted Phone System can do for your Adelaide Business!

Are you using a traditional phone service or ISDN for your business phone system?

Did you know that the NBN roll out means these services will be disconnected soon?

You need to move to VoIP now to keep your business phone system running!

Contact us today to find out how you can move your business to VoIP with our Cloud Hosted PBX service, keep your business running and save money!

Key Benefits

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No lock in contract

We don’t lock any of our clients in on long complicated contracts. We want you to stay with us because you love our Phone System and service, not because you have to!

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Calls included

All local, interstate and mobile call costs are included.

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NBN Ready

Once the NBN has rolled out in your area the PSTN and ISDN services you’re already using will be shutdown. You usually have about 18 months from the roll out to move your business to a modern VoIP based Phone System. Our Business Phone System is 100% NBN ready!

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Fully managed, Cloud Hosted PBX

You probably don’t want to spend your valuable time managing your business phone system, do you? If you need a change or are having problems, we’re only an email or phone call away.

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Every feature included

Every customer gets every feature! No extra fees for additional hunt groups or an IVR. Everything is included, as much as you need.

Business Phone Plans & Pricing

Choose Your Plan
  •    Cloud Hosted PBX
  •    Concurrent calls
  •    Maximum handsets
  •    Included calls
  •    Landline phone numbers
  •    Handsets Included
  •    No contracts
  •    All VoIP PBX features included
  •    Free setup & training
  •    Free technical support

Per Handset

$39.95/ month
  • 1 per handset
  • 3
  • All Local, Mobile & National
  • 1 per handset
  • -
  • -
  • -

Hosted PBX 2

$159.00/ month
  • 2
  • 5
  • All Local, Mobile & National
  • 1
  • -

Hosted PBX 4

$239.00/ month
  • 4
  • 10
  • All Local, Mobile & National
  • 1
  • -

Hosted PBX 8

$399.00/ month
  • 8
  • 30
  • All Local, Mobile & National
  • 10
  • -

Hosted PBX 16

$719.00/ month
  • 16
  • Unlimited
  • All Local, Mobile & National
  • 100
  • -

How much could you save?

On average our customers save 50% on their business phone system costs over 3 years compared to traditional systems.

Every one of our business phone systems are custom designed and built to suit your exact requirements.

Our friendly team is here to help.

Handsets & Add Ons

Yealink T54W Desk IP Phone

Yealink T54W Desk VoIP Phone

Yealink W60 Cordless IP Phone

Yealink W60 Coreless VoIP Phone

Yealink CP960 Conference IP Phone

Yealink CP960 Conference VoIP Phone

Sennheiser Bluetooth Headset

Sennheiser Business Phone Headset

Yealink EXP50 Expander Module

Yealink EXP50 Expander Module


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Caller ID

The Caller ID of all incoming calls are presented on every handset that rings including in Queues and Ring Groups.

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Voicemail (and Voicemail to E-Mail)

A single mailbox for your entire business, one for every person or a combination of both. Voicemails can be retrieved from the handset or emailed directly to your staff so they can be listened to anywhere, any time.

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Conference Calls

Save on time and money on travelling to meetings by conferencing up to 30 staff and external people in to one phone call.

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Allocate individual public telephone numbers to staff or departments in your business so calls can go directly to where they need to go reducing work for your reception team. Call flows can be customised based on the number which was called.

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Consistent Outbound Caller ID

Always present the same outbound Caller ID to your customers no matter which line, department or office calls them.

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Remote Workers & Work from Home

Staff can have a software phone on their laptop or mobile device (or even a physical handset in their home office) so they can work where and when they want to.

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Multiple Offices

All of your offices can share one Cloud PBX. Call directly between each other, see who’s on the phone at your other offices, transfer calls from one to the other and overflow calls during busy times!

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Soft Phones

Not all phones need to be a physical handset. Install a software phone on your laptop (Windows or Mac) or mobile device and access your phone system from anywhere.

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Custom Call Flows

Incoming calls can behave exactly as you want. We’ll work with you to design the right call flow to suits your needs. If you’re not sure, we’ve done hundreds of them and have plenty of experience in what works and what doesn’t!

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Ring Groups / Hunt Groups

Incoming calls can be sent to all the right people in the right order.

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Call Queues

Manage calls efficiently and never let one ring out by putting the callers on hold and allocating them to your staff in a way that works for your business.

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Disaster Recovery

If disaster strikes or systems fail your phone system can be relocated to a new office in a matter of hours keeping your business operating. If a diversion to mobiles is all that’s required, we can do that on the spot.

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Fax to Email

Fax isn’t dead yet, but there is no reason to waste paper. Incoming faxes can be converted to a PDF document and emailed to your staff. Of course, if you prefer the machine, we can do that too.

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Night Mode

Have your calls handled differently (such as sent to voicemail or diverted to a mobile) after hours or when you turn on Night Mode.

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IVR (Auto Attendant)

Send calls to the right person or department by prompting callers to tell you why they’re calling.

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Company Phone Directory

A consistent phone directory kept up to date on every handset with all your customers and suppliers listed correctly and up to date.

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Local numbers for each State

Look local with a phone number for each State you operate in.

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Tell your customers the office is closed over Christmas, Easter or staff events with a custom voice recording.

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What is Voice over IP (VoIP)?

Voice over IP, more commonly known as VoIP, is a technology that sends and receives phone calls over the internet using the same telephone numbers that can be dialled from a traditional phone system. You can do everything you can normally do with a traditional phone system plus a whole lot more and because the service isn’t dependent on physical phone lines you’ll save up to 80% on your phone bill.

Why VoIP?

VoIP is the next generation of telephony technology. Traditional telephony systems haven’t kept pace with changing business needs and that of a workforce that isn’t necessarily locked to a desk during business hours. VoIP provides a more advanced feature set, it’s easier to use, it’s much more flexible and scalable and it’s generally cheaper to use.

In addition to all that, as Australia moves to the NBN, the technologies used in the past (physical phone lines and ISDN) are being switched off. The only alternative is mobile or VoIP. Some providers are offering standard phone services over the NBN, but what they really mean is they are disguising VoIP as something else. While residential users will probably move to entirely mobile devices, Business Phone Systems will move to VoIP.

Can I bring my existing telephone numbers to the new Phone System?

Yes, absolutely! It’s a process known as porting. We’ll port your existing numbers on to your new Cloud Hosted PBX so that you can use them to make and receive calls.

Can you provide me with new telephone numbers?

Yes. We include at least a new block of 10 numbers with every new system. We can also provide you with numbers from different states if you need them.

What happens if my internet goes down?

We can divert your calls to a mobile or other land line service. If you have more than one office connected with us, we can also send calls there. We monitor all of our client’s systems and if your internet goes down during business hours, we’ll call you on one of your emergency contact numbers to see what you want us to do with your calls.

How long does it take to setup a new Business Phone System?

Typically we deploy a system within four weeks of sign off. Installation and training take about a day on average.

Is your Phone System easy to use? Will my staff need training?

It’s very easy to use. We provide a customised quick start guide and basic training to every staff member when we do the deployment.

What equipment do I need at my office?

Only the handsets and network equipment required to connect them to your network (which you probably already have). There is no PBX on the wall like in traditional phone systems.

Do I need to replace my handsets?

Not necessarily. It will depend on what you have. Our team will look at this with you as part of the design process.

Can we divert calls to our Business Phone System to a mobile?

Yes you can. This can be done from the handsets themselves or we can do it as part of a fixed call flow.

Can we add new staff or make changes as we go?

Yes. We can add and remove staff, make changes to names on handsets, call flow and all other settings at any time.

Are you reselling someone else’s services?

No, we are our own carrier and all services including the PBX hosting is on our own network.

Is call quality a problem on VoIP phone systems?

Only if its poorly configured or your internet connection isn’t up to scratch. We always take a close look at the internet connection as part of our design process and if it won’t work properly, we’ll tell you.

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