Fibre Optic & Ethernet

Streamline Your Business Communications and Infrastructure with High Speed, Secure, Dedicated Links between Sites, Customers and Networks

Fibre Optic and Ethernet Connections providing dedicated bandwidth of 10 Mbps to 10 Gbps and secure Layer 2 and Layer 3 Point-to-Point private links between your Offices, Retail Stores, Warehouses and Sites throughout Australia.

Connecting Your Business to Itself and Us

If you have multiple offices, retail outlets, a warehouse, servers in the Data Centre and perhaps some Infrastrucuture as a Service (Private Cloud) then your network doesn’t end at the office door. To ensure your sites can work together sharing resources and communicate effectively you need reliable and secure links between them.

Using a combination of Fibre Optics, Copper, Microwave and Wireless we can provide high speed Layer 2 and Layer 3 links between two or more sites, your data centre or ours, and the internet.

Key Benefits

  • Tailored to suit your needs - each solution is engineered to suit the exact requirements of each client and each individual site.
  • QoS - Unlike VPN tunnels running over the internet, these solutions can provide guaranteed bandwidth, latency and jitter specifications.
  • Access to multiple technologies - Not every site on your network will have the same requirements. Custom solutions can include a mix of access technologies including Data Centre, ADSL, SHDSL, Microwave, Fibre Optic and Wireless.
  • Direct access to the Caznet Data Centre and Private Cloud solutions.
  • Fully managed - we can manage everything including the connections, the on-site routers and any virtual resources making up the solution.

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