Calvert Technologies

495 Payneham Road, Felixstow SA 5070
Phone 08 7325 5000

Case Study – Calvert Technologies

Caznet worked with Calvert Technologies to migrate them from an aging and at-capacity bespoke hosting environment to our wholesale Private Cloud offering enabling a stronger focus on their core business and removing the need to make substantial investments in the hardware and maintenance required to meet the future demands of their clients.

Solution Overview

  • White labelled Caznet Private Cloud
  • IP Transit & Business Internet
  • Engineering design and support

About Calvert Technologies

Calvert Technologies was founded in 1995 to help small businesses in South Australia get the most out of their business technology. Over the years they’ve helped many companies relieve their technology worries so that they can concentrate on growing their businesses and realise their goals.

The Challenge

Calvert Technologies identified the need to provide Private Cloud to their clients early on and had built their own infrastructure as a service hosting cluster in the Adam Data Centre. The infrastructure served the needs of their clients well but had reached capacity, was approaching end of life and consumed an entire rack in the datacentre. Moving forward would require Calvert’s team to make a significant capital investment in new equipment, acquire additional rack space, build a new hosting infrastructure in the datacentre and transition production customer workloads with minimal downtime.

The Solution

After detailed discussions and requirements analysis, Caznet was selected to provide a white labelled wholesale Private Cloud solution. An initial resource allocation providing enough capacity to service the existing workload in the Adam Data Centre was provisioned and the Calvert team underwent extensive training on the platform, best practice reference architectures, backup options and processes.

Our specialist cloud engineers worked closely with the team at Calvert over several months to design, test and migrate each customer individually from the existing environment to the new Private Cloud resources with minimal down time. Calvert’s own Class C of public IPv4 address space was migrated to Caznet’s IP Transit service allowing the migrated customers to retain the existing IP address on their cloud resources and remove the need to lease new addresses.

The Outcome

Calvert was able to continue growing their cloud services offering while focussing on their business strategy and offering great customer service without the costly overhead of investing in and maintaining complex hosting infrastructure. Less focus on meeting resource requirements and maintenance resulted in a stronger focus on the core business, quicker project turn around, lower operating costs and the ability to take advantage of new revenue streams by onboarding new cloud hosted clients with confidence that the resource demands could be met.

The bespoke hosting environment in the Adam Data Centre has since been shut down and the rack space vacated. All of Calvert’s customer hosted workloads are now in the Caznet Private Cloud service.

Calvert continues to grow its business using the Caznet Private Cloud and has acquired more resources to meet growing demand.